Our divisions

Our customers provide consumers with taste solutions for beverages, savoury, snacks, sweet goods and dairy. In fragrances, our customers are in personal, home and laundry care brands, as well as prestige perfumes and cosmetic ingredients.

* Fragrance Ingredients and Active Beauty


Engage your senses around taste

We go beyond great taste to create food experiences that do good and feel good, for body, mind and planet. Our ambition is to shape the future of food by becoming the innovation and co-creation partner of our customers. We leverage our best-in-class product offering and our deep knowledge of the food ecosystem to create future-facing food experiences.

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Engage your senses around scent

Scent colours your life; the smell of herbs in the kitchen, rain in the summer, festive treats, soft baby skin… In our world, the sense of smell is not the forgotten sense – on the contrary, we see the world through our noses. We think about smell all day, every day. The artistry of our perfumers encompasses a myriad of scented stories for brands everywhere. From prestige and designer perfumes, to the scent of functional cleaners, laundry and personal care products worldwide, our fragrances bring pleasure to millions daily.

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