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5 Dec 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a new botanical extract collection rooted in Brazilian biodiversity

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a new collection stemming from Brazil natural treasures, further promoting clean and natural beauty products.
21 Nov 2019

Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches ‘MyBloom’ collection inspired by olfactive extimacy

Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches its new global creative vision ‘MyBloom’ addressing the consumers’ need for olfactive extimacy in fragrance creation by tapping into trends such as self-love, mindfulness and authenticity.
11 Nov 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Silkgel, the unique vegan biomimetic silk for hair care

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Silkgel, a unique vegan and sustainable biomimetic silk crafted by white biotechnology. The new hair care benefits of Silkgel will be announced during SCS Formulate in Coventry (UK) on 12 November.
4 Nov 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty reshapes the face of beauty for Generation Z with ‘My Blue Guard High Defence’

With 95% of natural origin ingredients, this day cream, powered by botanical extracts, will be introduced during in-cosmetics Asia.
10 Sep 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty will present Naturein™ Wheat Peptides during in-cosmetics Latin America

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Naturein™ Wheat Peptides, a clean and sustainable alternative to cationic guar, a key specific detangling ingredient for hair care. The new natural ingredient obtained from 100% French origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation will be introduced at in-cosmetics Latin America on 18 September.
16 Jul 2019

Givaudan and Bühler partner to fast-track market access and innovation for start-ups

Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, and Bühler, global leader for food processing solutions, have today announced a development partnership to accelerate market access for food start-ups in Switzerland.
26 Jun 2019

Givaudan’s ground-breaking collaboration with UC Berkeley unveils most promising new plant-based proteins

Givaudan has unveiled six new up-and-coming plant-based proteins that could likely be game-changers for the food industry, and in particular, nutritional beverages.
19 Jun 2019

Givaudan launches Zap, its unique platform for malodour solutions specific to categories and applications

Givaudan Fragrances is thrilled to announce today the launch of its Zap solutions platform designed to address the negative impact of malodour for home, personal and fabric care. As the first fragrance house to offer malodour solutions specific to categories and applications, we design scents that can address very specific consumer challenges for each product category.
20 Jun 2019

Givaudan unveils breakthrough masking solutions for seven proteins

Givaudan has unveiled a selection of masking solutions in combination with a new smart masking tool, offering flavourists fast access to high-performance solutions to combat off-notes across plant-based proteins. This effort has resulted in the largest, most comprehensive collection of data related to plant proteins and taste ingredients in the industry.
12 Jun 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty drives innovation with new clinical data on skin microbiome

Givaudan Active Beauty takes skin microbiome research to the next level by publishing new exclusive clinical data for Vetivyne™, the vetiver inspired skin youth booster, and Yogurtene® Balance, a unique yogurt powder and prebiotic combination, with both contributing to the beauty and well-being of consumers.
21 May 2019

Calice Becker receives the prestigious French médaille de Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Givaudan is proud to announce that Calice Becker, Vice President Perfumer and Director of the Givaudan Perfumery School, had the great honour of receiving the French médaille de Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres for her significant contribution to the arts through perfumery. The
16 May 2019

Givaudan signs partnership agreement with foodtech incubator StartLife

As part of its 2020 strategy of collaborative innovation,Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, announced today a partnership with StartLife, the leading food and agritech incubator in the Netherlands.
7 May 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Spherulite™ R10, a unique microencapsulated stabilised retinol

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Spherulite™ R10, a groundbreaking solution to use retinol in a more stable and efficient way for skincare. Crafted with the Spherulite™ technology, Spherulite™ R10 demonstrates faster and superior anti-ageing clinical efficacy compared to free retinol.
12 Apr 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty gets high level recognition from the beauty industry by winning 5 awards last week in Paris

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to announce that its three newest active ingredients, Agefinity™, Sensityl™ and Darkenyl™ have won five innovation prizes last week in Paris.
4 Apr 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Adaptogenes Botanicals Solution™, an in and out beauty concept to enhance well-being

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Adaptogenes Botanicals Solution™, a collection made of ten botanical extracts including moringa, turmeric, aloe vera and acerola to chill the skin and the body.