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6 Oct 2006

Nine Months 2006 Sales: Continued sales momentum on top of strong comparables

From January to September 2006, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 2,200.5 million, resulting in a growth of 3.3% in local currencies and 5.5% in Swiss francs. Despite strong comparables in the third quarter and the on-going streamlining of commodity ingredients, Givaudan continued its good sales growth momentum.
24 Aug 2006

Half Year Conference 2006

On 24 August 2006, Gilles Andrier, CEO, Matthias Waehren, CFO and Mauricio Graber, Head Flavours Division, informed analysts and investors about the first half year business and the growth initiative of Givaudan.
23 Aug 2006

Meaningful scents around the world

On 23rd August 2006, Roman Kaiser, Director of Natural Scents, invited Media to take off from Zurich for an amazing journey around the world, presenting his new book "Meaningful Scents around the World" to the press.
4 Aug 2006

Half Year Results 2006: Givaudan continues on its profitable growth path

In the first half of 2006, sales totalled CHF 1,474 million, resulting in a growth of 3.7% in local currencies and 7.8% in Swiss francs. This good growth was achieved despite the on-going streamlining of commodity ingredients in both divisions.
26 Apr 2006

Givaudan starts prolonged share buy back programme

As announced on 22 February 2006, the Board of Directors of Givaudan SA has resolved to extend the share buy back programme 2005/2006 concerning 720,000 registered shares by one year, i.e. until 31 May, 2007.
7 Apr 2006

Annual General Meeting 2006

The Annual General Meeting of Givaudan SA, the world leader in flavours and fragrances, took place in Geneva on 7 April 2006. It was attended by 179 shareholders, representing 2,763,687 (37.19%) of a total of 7,400,000 registered shares.
7 Apr 2006

First Quarter 2006 Sales: Strong start into 2006

In the first quarter 2006, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 754.1 million, resulting in a growth of 6.2% in local currencies and 12.8% in Swiss francs. Givaudan again clearly outgrew the market. 2005 comparables and the strong US dollar have partially contributed to this solid performance.
10 Jan 2006

Givaudan with further site consolidation and product streamlining

Givaudan continues to consolidate its Flavour operating asset base and to streamline its Savoury product portfolio. Givaudan has decided to close its US production sites in New Milford (Connecticut) and in Oconomowoc (Wisconsin).

Safety and Environmental Report 2005

Givaudan group's Safety and Environmental Protection Report for 2005
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22 Feb 2006

New Head Givaudan Flavours

Mauricio Graber will take over the Leadership of the Givaudan Flavours Division, effective July 2006. Mauricio Graber will replace Mike Davis, who has announced his retirement, effective 30th June 2006, after 30 years within the industry.
21 Feb 2006

Full Year Results 2005- Givaudan's leadership further strengthened

In 2005, Givaudan continued to build on its leadership position in the Fragrance and Flavour industry by delivering above market sales growth. Total group sales reached CHF 2,778 million, reflecting an increase of 2.5% in local currencies and a 3.6% in Swiss Francs.
7 Oct 2005

Nine Months 2005 Sales: Givaudan shows positive sales trend

From January to September 2005, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 2’085.6 million, resulting in a growth of 1.6 % in local currencies and 1.0 % in Swiss francs.
9 Aug 2005

Givaudan Half Year Results 2005: Sustained sales and strong profitability

In the first half year 2005, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 1,368 million. It maintained its sales in local currencies at the level of last year, despite the on-going reduction of commodity ingredients in both divisions. In Swiss Francs, this translates into a decline of 2.2%.
11 May 2005

Givaudan announces the issue of a 2.25% CHF domestic bond of 300 million CHF

11 May 2005 Givaudan Finance SA announces today the issue of a CHF 300 million straight bond in the Swiss franc domestic market, guaranteed by Givaudan SA.
27 Apr 2005

Givaudan SA: Annual General Meeting 2005

27 April 2005 The Annual General Meeting of Givaudan SA, the world leader in fragrances and flavours, took place in Geneva on 27 April 2005. It was attended by 186 shareholders, representing 3,316,559 (42.52%) of a total of 7,800,000 registered shares.