Bonds issue: Givaudan announces the successful placement of CHF 300M of Swiss Franc Bonds

23 Nov 2021 · 18:00 CET

Givaudan today announces the successful dual tranche placement of CHF 300 million of straight Bonds in the domestic market. The CHF 300 million Bonds carry respectively a maturity of 5.5 years until June 2027 (CHF 150 million) and 8.5 years until June 2030 (CHF 150 million).

The coupons on the Bonds are fixed at 0.125% for the 5.5 years’ maturity and 0.375% for the 8.5 years maturity respectively.

The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to refinance existing CHF Bond maturities and for general corporate purposes.

For further information please contact
Pierre Bénaich, Investor and Media Relations
T +41 22 780 9053