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New website engages with the Japanese market

28 Oct 2016 - 17:02 CEST

Givaudan’s new Japanese site ( follows the relaunch of its fully redesigned corporate website to engage customers in one of the world’s most sophisticated markets for flavours and fragrances. It follows on the success of the Givaudan’s Chinese website (, launched in January 2016. These two distinct sister websites in the Asia-Pacific region now form a vital part of our global strategy to engage with customers in these key markets by sharing tailored content in local languages.

What will you find on our new Japanese website?

Our new website offers all of our Japanese stakeholders – consumers, customers, prospective employees, local partners and authorities – access to a wealth of information in their own language. We share the story of Givaudan’s corporate DNA, spanning its vision and strategy, corporate culture, and rich heritage, along with news on current topics like health, wellness and sustainability.

Givaudan’s valued customers in Japan will find answers to their exacting requirements and learn how we work to devise the best solutions to support their business. They will discover how we can meet their needs in the flavour and fragrance fields by synergistically deploying our extensive global resources, combined with deep local market expertise in Japan.

For example, our new site provides details about key programmes like FlavourVision®, helping to connect current and future market trends with Japanese customers; our proprietary SmartTools solution, allowing Japanese customers to personally experience customisable aromas; our distinctive Givaudan Treks approach to explore new flavours, ingredients, and techniques and how these might be utilised in the Japanese market.

Local highlights include a recent major investment in our best-in-class flavours technical centre in Tokyo, housing labs and dedicated sales, marketing and supply chain functions. This allows Givaudan to centralise its full range of technical services – flavour creation and application, flavour science, and sensory science – in one location in Japan.

Last but not least, our new Japanese website shares Givaudan’s illustrious history in fragrances. With the opening in Paris in 1946 of the world-famous Givaudan Perfumery School, Givaudan has set the standard for modern perfumery and trained the perfumers responsible for around a third of the fragrances now on the market around the globe.