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Our acquisitions

We have a strong acquisition track record and see clear opportunities to grow our business. 

Acquisitions have always been a part of Givaudan’s strategy to create value. Our 250-year heritage of growth and expansion is rooted in a drive to innovate products and solutions that ‘engage your senses’. 

Today, we cater to an increasing emphasis on more natural products that promote health and wellbeing by adapting our approach to expansion through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and investments.

Givaudan’s recent acquisitions supports our ambition to expand our portfolio and capture the value we bring to our customers: expanding upon existing capabilities, enabling us to offer more natural and integrated solutions, opening access to new channels and technologies, and bringing us closer to local and regional customers.  

Givaudan acquisitions 2007-2021

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Custom Essence


Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Custom Essence, a US based fragrance creation house. The acquisition will enable Givaudan to expand its presence with local and regional customers and grow its capabilities in natural perfumes. Custom Essence is a family owned business based in New Jersey, USA and employs 70 people globally. The acquisition was completed in December 2021.

DDW, The Color House


Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire DDW, The Color House, a privately-held natural colour company. The acquisition will enable Givaudan to become a global leader in natural colours, enhancing its ability to create ‘Feel Good’ Food Experiences through its extensive portfolio of taste and sense solutions. The US based company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, has 12 manufacturing facilities in 7 countries and employs 315 people. The acquisition was completed in December 2021.

b.kolormakeup & skincare (25%)

JULY 2021

Givaudan acquired 25% of b.kolormakeup & skincare’s shares as part of its 2025 ambitions to keep expanding in skin care and make-up. By joining forces, Givaudan Fragrance & Beauty and b.kolor will leverage their respective capabilities to provide creative and unique products and integrated solutions to customers. The Italian company, headquartered close to Milan, employees around 250 people.



Givaudan announced that it is to acquire Myrissi as part of its long term strategy to expand its capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The acquisition was completed in April 2021. Myrissi's expertise in AI will support us in proposing to our customers new visual and verbal storytelling approaches to consumer. The company was founded by Muriel Jacquot resulting from 10 years of university research carried out at the University of Lorraine. Myrissi is headquartered in Nancy, France.

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MAY 2020

Givaudan announced that it is to acquire Alderys as part of its long term strategy to expand its capabilities in bio-engineering technologies. The acquisition was completed in August 2020. The acquisition will allow us to expand our portfolio of natural and biosourced products, thanks to their strong research and development bio-engineering platform. The French company headquartered in Orsay and employs 30 people. 

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Cosmetics business of Indena


Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire the cosmetics business of Indena. The acquisition was completed in May 2020. Indena offers our Active Beauty an expanded portfolio of plant-based ingredients that nicely complement our current portfolio The Italian company headquartered in Milan has four manufacturing locations, sales activities in more than 80 countries and employs around 800 people. 

Ungerer & Company


Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Ungerer & Company and was completed in April 2020. The acquisition will further enhance our industry leadership, both through the vertical integration into key speciality ingredients for our flavour and fragrance creations, as well as in asserting our leadership with local and regional customers. The US based Flavour, Fragrance and Speciality Ingredients company, headquartered in New Jersey, has a presence in more than 60 countries, a total of eight manufacturing facilities and six R&D centres and employees 650 people.  

Fragrance Oils


Givaudan acquired Fragrance Oils, one of the industry’s most dynamic and influential companies. With its headquarter in England, the company has a global support network with representation in various regions across Europe, Russia, Asia Pacific, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa. With sales covering more than 90 countries, Fragrance Oils is well placed to meet the demands of its customers across the world.

drom fragrances

JULY 2019

Givaudan announced that it is to acquire drom fragrances. The acquisition was complete in September 2019. This global perfume house creates fragrances for consumer products and fine fragrance customers across the world and will further assert our leadership position in the fragrance market globally. Headquartered in Munich, Germany drom has four production sites in Germany, China, the USA and Brazil and employees 489 people around the world.  

Golden Frog Flavor & Fragrance

MAY 2019

Givaudan announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Golden Frog. The acquisition was completed in September 2019. This Vietnamese flavour company, developing natural flavours, natural extracts and essential oils for the food and beverage industry and will further enable Givaudan to provide global, regional and local customers with complete and competitive natural solutions. Headquartered in the Ho Chi Minh area, with two production sites and the company employs 156 people.

Albert Vieille SAS

MAY 2019

Givaudan completed the acquisition of Albert Vieille SAS, a venerable company specialising in 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials for professionals working in the perfumery and aromatherapy markets. In 2017, the company achieved sales of EUR 30 million, and employed more than 50 employees.

Cosmetics business of AMSilk GmbH

APRIL 2019

Givaudan acquired the cosmetics business of AMSilk GmbH, the world’s first industrial supplier of vegan silk biopolymers which have the unique functional properties of the natural product they are based on. AMSilk offers its innovative range of high-performance Biosteel® fibres for textiles and industrial applications worldwide. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Radcliffe, UK employs over 250 employees and sells its products in more than 90 countries, in particular in high growth export markets.

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Givaudan completed the acquisition of Naturex, an international leader in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients and solutions for the food, health and beauty sectors. The acquisition further complements our capabilities with Naturex’s strong portfolio of plant extracts and natural ingredients across the food and beverage, nutrition and health and personal care sectors. The company is headquartered in Avignon, France and operates from 16 production sites around the world and employs 1,700 people.

Expressions Parfumées

JUNE 2018

Givaudan  completed the acquisition of  Expressions Parfumées, a French fragrance creation house, from its current shareholders, Orfite and Expressions Parfumées’ management. Founded in Grasse in 1982, Expressions Parfumées is a pioneer of natural fragrance compounds and offers its NATCO® range of perfumes designed to adapt to any production labelled ‘organic’ and employs about 200 people.

Nutrition Division of Centroflora (Centroflora Nutra)

MAY 2018

Givaudan completed the acquisition of Centroflora Nutra, a world player in natural extracts. Centroflora Nutra manufactures botanical extracts and dehydrated fruits for the food and beverage industry. Located in Botucatu, Brazil, Centroflora Nutra employs 116 people. 

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Vika B.V.


Givaudan completed the acquisition of Vika B.V. Vika offers a range of natural dairy ingredients, fonds and stocks, as well as meat and plant based extracts to customers in the food and beverage industry With headquarters in the Netherlands, Vika has also facilities in Belgium, the UK, and New Zealand, employing globally over 200 employees.

Activ International


Givaudan acquired Activ International. Activ International offers a range of natural and organic flavours, marine extracts, seafood and vegetable based culinary solutions to customers. With headquarters in Bienne (Switzerland), Activ operates from locations in Somerset (New Jersey, USA), Melaka (Malaysia), Mitry-Mory (Paris, France) and Arequipa (Peru), employing globally 170 employees.

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SpiceTec Flavors & Seasonings

JULY 2016

Givaudan closed the acquisition of Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings business. Spicetec offers a range of flavours, spices and savoury seasoning solutions to customers, primarily in North America and operates from locations in Omaha, Nebraska; Carol Stream, Illinois and Cranbury, New Jersey, employing 280 people.

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Givaudan acquired 100% of Induchem Holding AG and its subsidiaries. Induchem’s portfolio of products is based on a wide range of innovative and highly functional active ingredients, as well as research expertise in fields such as biocatalysis, metagenomics and biochemical synthesis. Employing 65 people, Induchem operates primarily from Volketswil in Switzerland, Toulouse in France, and New York in the USA.

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JUNE 2014

Givaudan acquired 100% of the shares of Soliance SA and its subsidiaries. Soliance provides innovative cosmetic solutions to its international customers and partners and develops high added-value active ingredients derived from vegetable sources, microorganisms and microalgae. Soliance has two sites in France, at Pomacle and Ile Grande, and employs 96 people.

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Quest International

MARCH 2007

Givaudan acquired Quest International, a division of ICI Plc. The acquisition extends our leadership position in all strategic segments of the flavour and fragrance industry. It will strengthen Givaudan’s current leadership and accelerate future growth, especially in important markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa and the Middle East.