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Unipertan™ VEG-2002

Bio-accelerator of natural tanning
Bioactive complex to accelerate natural skin tanning by boosting dermal melanin formation. Two other versions of this ingredient are available: * Unipertan™ VEG-24 (without Adenosine Triphosphate) * Unipertan™ VEG-242 (without Riboflavin) Activity Biological targets: Melanogenesis pathway

Uniprosyn® PS-18

Skin Barrier Revitaliser
Oat-based active complex to stimulate skin barrier proteins synthesis and to reduce signs of skin ageing. Activity A clincal study has shown an intensive revitalisation of the skin (skin roughness (-61%) and wrinkles' depth (-50%) after 28 days) Biological targets: Filaggrin, Small proline

Uniprotect® PT-3

Molecular sunglasses for skin's proteins
Bioactive complex to protect skin proteins from UV-induced oxidation. Activity Uniprotect® PT-3 offers an active protection with both pre- and post-treatments:- reduction of protein oxidation- stimulation of protein repairing enzymes- reduction of skin redness Biological targets: Glutathione

Unireduce® R-35

Sebum regulator
Unireduce® R-35 is a bioactive complex which consists of precursors of the isoprenoids and sterols biosynthesis: panthenyl triacetate (PTA) and farnesyl acetate (FA). It rebalances lipid metabolism and reduces sebum secretion with a sustained action. Activity Unireduce® R-35 significantly decreases

Unirepair® T-43

The skin DNA fortifier
Amino acid rich complex to accelerate the repair of UV-induced DNA damage in pre- and post- treatment. Activity At a clinical level, Unirepair® T-43 reduces significantly skin erythema (-37% in 24h,-52% in 48h). Biological targets: Cyclobutan pyrimidine dimers Applications After-sun, Sun care, Day


One step ahead in visual effects
This technology is based on a high-definition manufacturing process creating amazing 3D shapes. Four existing standards are available:- Unihearts: red & pink hearts- Unistars: gold stars- Uniflowers: lila flowers Activity These tiny shapes magically disappear as you rub them in: delivered dry,

Unisooth™ EG-28

Dark circles eraser
Unisooth™ EG-28 is a synergistic set of "gallate" derivatives coming from oak leaves and green tea and optimised by biotechnology. Activity Acting on 3 major causes of dark circles:- reduction of skin inflammation,- stimulation of lymphatic circulation,- vasorelaxation of under eye

Unisooth™ PN-47

Instant inflammation extinguisher
UnisoothTM PN-47 takes advantage of a powerful combination of panthenyl triacetate and naringenin to directly act on the causes of skin irritation. Activity Instant soothing action within 15 minutes. Biological targets: AK/STAT, IL-1α, IL-8, TNF-α, CCL5, CXCL10, CXCL5, CXCL6, IL-1 receptor type1

Unisooth™ ST-32

Skin immunity booster
Synergistic soothing complex (from Tamarindus Indica & Stevia) to prevent irritation by boosting skin’s own self defense mechanisms. Activity Unisooth™ ST-32 reduces irritation in 48h and prepares skin to defend itself against future aggressions. Biological targets: Defensin beta-4,

Unispheres® Bicolour

The colour changing beads
This new generation of colour changing beads is based on a unique technology to create new metamorphosis effects in your white emulsions and creams. Activity Unispheres® Bicolour are composed of:- a thick white coating to cover completely the colour of the core and leaving no residue during