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The skin matrix bio-lifter
Targeting the synthesis of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (S-GAGs) and proteoglycans to enable the reorganisation of the ECM fibers (collagens, elastin, hyaluronic acid).

Unichondrin™ ATP

Skin Active Texture Preservation
Concept of activated amino acids (AAA) to stimulate the dermal metabolic activities in order to increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue.

Unicontrozon™ C-49

The overall protector against O3
Plant-derived active complex to protect the skin from damages induced by environmental pollutants (ozone).

Uniglucan™ G-51

Reinforcer of cutaneous shield
Multi-active beta-glucan complex to protect the skin from irritation, to activate the immune system, with smoothing and moisturising properties, for immediate and long-term effects.

Unilactamin™ L-17

The energetic skin regenerator
Active complex based on activated amino acids (AAA) to stimulate dermal and epidermal metabolism and to increase firmness and elasticity.

Unilucent™ HR-14

Radiance reGENEration
A unique molecule from the resurrection plant to protect and restructure the skin connective tissue.

Unilucent™ PA-13

Spot light(ener)
The age spots lightener: a bioactive complex to reduce pigmented spots and brighten skin complexion. More efficient than reference lighteners.

Unimer U-15

Film-forming polymer
Unimer U-15 is an alkylated vinylpyrrolidone copolymer.

Unimer U-151

Film-forming polymer
Unimer U-151 is an alkylated vinylpyrrolidone copolymer.

Unimer U-1946

Smart polymer for colour & skincare cosmetics
Unimer U-1946 is an exclusive combination of Octylododecanol and VP/Hexadecene Copolymer.