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Soothex® ISA

Sustainable skin soother in extreme conditions
Soothex® ISA is a solution of Boswellia Serrata gum, well known in Ayurvedic tradition for its very potent soothing properties.

Sophogreen™ Plus

The green solubiliser
As a result of its expertise in biotechnology, Givaudan has created a plant-based solubiliser: Sophogreen™ Plus.

Sopholiance® S

Antibacterial and sebum control agent
Sopholiance® S is a bio-surfactant belonging to the sophorolipids family.

Spherulite™ R-10

Microencapsulated stabilised retinol
The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite™ R10 allows the protection of retinol, a gold standard for skin ageing which influences a variety of cellular processes, in the multi-layered crystalline microcapsules. Its non-ionic nature enables better penetration into the skin where the retinol is slowly released, thus preventing any adverse reactions such as skin irritation.


Skin elasticity enhancer
StimulHyal® is a highly pure (> 97%) calcium 2-ketogluconate powder obtained by biotechnology.


Green innovation for slimming
Sveltam™ is a new generation of caffeine derived slimming ingredients.


Sensorial and natural thickener
Syner-GX™ is a mix of guar and xanthan gums obtained by vegetal extraction and biotechnology. This 100% natural thickener stabilises and brings a soft and smooth touch to formulas.


The skin matrix bio-lifter
Tightenyl™ targets the synthesis of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (S-GAGs) and proteoglycans to enable the reorganisation of the ECM fibres (collagens, elastin, hyaluronic acid).

Unichondrin™ ATP

Skin Active Texture Preservation
Unichondrin™ ATP is a complex of activated amino acids (AAA) wich stimulate the dermal metabolic activities in order to increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue.

Unicontrozon® C-49

The overall protector against O3
Unicontrozon® C-49 is a plant-derived active complex to protect the skin from damages induced by environmental pollutants (ozone).