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A natural water supplier for your skin
Biopolymer obtained through a biomimetic fermentation process, using specific bacteria living in symbiose with sunflower. Sensory agent polymer Ecocert Activity- Natural water reservoir to quench the skin thirst,- Unique effect to reduce dark circles,- Improvement of the formulation sensory

Soothex® ISA

Sustainable skin soother in extreme conditions
Soothex® ISA is a solution of Boswellia Serrata gum, well known in Ayurvedic tradition for its very potent soothing properties. Activity This natural ingredient inhibits a key enzyme involved in inflammation: the 5-lipoxygenase. A clinical evaluation has shown that Soothex® ISA reduces redness,

Sophogreen™ Plus

The green solubiliser
As a result of its expertise in biotechnology, Givaudan has created a plant-based solubiliser: Sophogreen™ Plus. Shower gels shampoos Micellar lotions Serums Creams solubiliser solubilizer Activity Sophogreen™ Plus performs better as a natural solubiliser than PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil.

Sopholiance™ S

Antibacterial and sebum control agent
Bio-surfactant belonging to the sophorolipids family. Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial surfactant Ecocert Activity- Antimicrobial agent targetting specific bacteria involved in acne reaction and body odours (in vitro test)- Significant decrease of sebum production (in vivo test)- Reduction of pustule


Skin elasticity enhancer
High purity (> 97%) calcium 2-ketogluconate powder obtained by biotechnology. hyaluronic acid HA patent patented elasticity elastin wrinkle hand face Activity- Stimulation of hyaluronic acid and elastin synthesis- Improvement of skin elasticity: +16% (in vivo test)- Decrease of cutaneous fatigue


Green innovation for slimming
A new generation of caffeine derived slimming ingredients. Activity Sveltam™ has 2 modes of action: blocking adipogenesis and stimulating fat destocking. Biological targets: Lipase, Fatty acids, G3PDH, cAMP Applications Slimming creams or gels, body lotions Origin    Regulation N/A   Associated


Sensorial and natural thickener
Syner-GX™ is a mix of guar and xanthan gums obtained by vegetal extraction and biotechnology. This 100% natural thickener stabilises and brings a soft and smooth touch to formulas. viscosity syner gx soother Activity- stabilisation of formulas containing salts or electrolytes, very good tolerance


The skin matrix bio-lifter
Targeting the synthesis of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (S-GAGs) and proteoglycans to enable the reorganisation of the ECM fibers (collagens, elastin, hyaluronic acid). Activity Tightenyl™ is a rational combination of bio-precursors to rejuvenate the skin: firmness, tonicity, viscoelasticity and

Unichondrin™ ATP

Skin Active Texture Preservation
Concept of activated amino acids (AAA) to stimulate the dermal metabolic activities in order to increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue. Activity Unichondrin™ ATP shows an overall enhancement of skin texture after 4 weeks (clinical test) Biological targets: ATP

Unicontrozon™ C-49

The overall protector against O<sub>3</sub>
Plant-derived active complex to protect the skin from damages induced by environmental pollutants (ozone). Activity- Avoid denaturation of proteins- Maintain enzyme activity- Protect lipophilic and hydrophilic vitamins (B2, E)- Protect extra cellular matrix (hyaluronic acid)- Reduce cell membrane