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The hair growth galvaniser
Targeting stem cells and human fibroblasts from the dermal papilla to improve hair growth while reducing hair loss. Activity Redensyl™ shows outstanding results after 3 months at the clinical level, with more than +10,000 new hair in average (better than one hair transplantation procedure).


Ultimate hair beauty enhancer
ResistHyal™ is a new generation of hair care active ingredient containing an optimised ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids. Activity ResistHyal™ answers all key consumers’ requests worldwide: 1. Hydration (local molecular moisture buffer) 2. Natural volume (sheathing effect) 3.


Holistic skin renewal accelerator
Revivyl™ was discovered during a bioguided fractionation of a unique chlorophyll-free plant called Orobanche rapum, living in synergy with the "golden butterfly" plant, Cytisus scoparius. Activity- Reactivates the natural skin renewal cycle,- Activates and protects stem cells,- Reinforces

RitualEssenz™ TCM

Botanical extracts rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine
RitualEssenz™ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) leverages the knowledge of modern qualified TCM doctors who have designed exclusive extracts dedicated to skincare and haircare. All of these extracts have been crafted following the fundamental Five Elements rules of the TCM (Wuxing), to fulfill

Rosmarinyl™ Glucoside

Active protection of ECM
A complete protection of skin matrix: controls the activity of enzymes degrading the matrix and captures free radicals. Activity- Has a time released antioxidant activity,- Inhibits hyaluronidase enzyme,- Inhibits production of collagenase,- Biological targets: Hyaluronidase, Collagenase (MMP9),


Anti stress-ageing peptide
Rubixyl® counteracts the effects of intrinsic (chronological stress ageing) and extrinsic ageing (stress linked to cigarette smoke), by targeting a new category of skin receptor: the Delta Opioid Receptors. Activity Smoothes and refills deep wrinkles in 2 months. Biological targets: Involucrin,

Safester™ A-75

A boost for skin lipid barrier
Functional emollient, rich in essential unsaturated fatty acid « Vitamin F » to improve the skin’s lipid barrier and to prevent skin’s disorders. Activity Safester™ A-75, with its natural origin (Safflower), reinforces the epidermal barrier. Applications Products for dry, irritated, itchy skin,


A unique moisturising touch
Sens'Hyal™ is an exclusive sensory agent composed of two natural polysaccharides: Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobian Gum. Activity- Otpimises the sensory dimension of formulations. Applications Moisturising products, Spa lines of products, Well-being lines of products, Other skincare products


Antibacterial & astringent agent
Silkalun™ is a micronised powder of potassium alum, combined to magnesium stearate. Activity Silkalun™ has the following properties:- anti-perspirant,- antibacterial,- pore refiner,- odour control, Applications Deodorant, Foot care, After-shave products, Anti-acne lotions Origin Mineral  Regulation


Neutralises unpleasant body odours
Sinodor® is effective at neutralising odours while having no discernible odour itself. Activity Sinodor® works by bonding with odour volatile components. It is effective for both body odour control and products dedicated to neutralising environmental odours (tobacco or cooking). Applications