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Exfoliance Range

Micronised exfoliating powders
Exfoliance range is made of natural powders extracted from plants from all over the world. These powders combine effective exfoliation and original provenance. Givaudan offers several granulometries for adapted exfoliations with very fine powders for the face and powders with a larger particle size


Hair shine ingredient
Glossyliance™ associates two technologies to enhance hair shine: white biotechnology and plant-derived extracts (sugar cane and lemon zest). Glossyliance™ is a blend of natural extracts which are by-products of the food industry using a controlled process in line with Givaudan Active Beauty's

Grevilline™ PF

Phytomarine soother
Peptidic extract of a brown microalgae growing in the coastal waters of Brittany, Skeletonema costatum. Soothing soother Microalgae Micro-algae Phytoplankton erythema redness irritation Activity- Inhibition of two key inflammatory mediators: IL-8 and PLA2- Visible decrease of erythema within 3 days


Vectorised Hyaluronic Acid to fill in wrinkles
Hyalusphere® is a high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (HA) encapsulated into our exclusive patented technology, Spherulite™.  anti-wrinkle hyaluronic acid HA microsphere filler vectorization Activity- Vectorises the HA into the deepest skin layers to redensify and fill in wrinkles,- Reduces


3 in 1 active to rehydrate, restructure and repair
Hydreïs™ is produced from an exotic bacteria strain from Martinique, found in a soil subject to extreme hydric stresses. This strain produces an exopolysaccaride (EPS) able to maintain organic stocks and water content. Hydreïs™ is obtained by a selective hydrolysis of the EPS. hydreis repair


A moisturising wave for your skin
To resist dehydration, the red microalga Porphyridium Cruentum has developed an extraordinary defence system. It synthesises and excretes a marine exopolysaccharide outside its cell wall to reduce water loss. To enable our skin to share these benefits and help it recover all of its beauty, Givaudan

Inoveol® CAFA

5 in 1 anti-photo-ageing
Detoxifing effect of green coffee has been used for a long time. Inoveol® CAFA is an innovative form of the native caffeic acid, which has been specifically created for cosmetics applications. Being highly water soluble, stable and purified, it brings five synergistic actions to prevent UV inducing

Inoveol® EGCG

The ultimate DETOX molecule
Green tea benefits from a long term botanical tradition in Asia due to its fantastic preventive and protective effects on health. EGCG (EpigalloCatechin Gallate) is one of green tea most active molecule. Inoveol® EGCG is a new cosmetic dedicated form of EGCG: highly water soluble, stabilised and

Inoveol® OLEU

The skin bodyguard
Used for centuries by the Mediterranean population for its healthcare beneficial properties, the olive oil is a mythic source of youth and beauty. Arising from the olive tree, oleuropein is traditionally recognised to reinforce the natural shield of the skin through its antioxidant, antimicrobial

Inoveol® PHLO

The complexion embellisher
Considered as ‘Eden fruit’ since age of times, apple contains the secrecy of youth and beauty through its unique polyphenols. Among those, phlorizin is more particularly recognised for its benefits in cosmetic through its antioxydant capacity and its protective effects for skin. Inoveol® PHLO