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Unititamer™ T-40

UV filter
Unititamer™ T-40 is a physical broad spectrum UV filter. Activity Unititamer™ T-40 has an improved water resistance, especially suitable for sensitive skin, improved handling by using dust free TiO2. Applications Sun care products Origin Regulation INCI China compliant   Associated claims UV / Sun

Unitrienol™ T-27

Hair & Skin sebum normaliser
Bioactive complex for both dry and oily skin to normalise sebum content, to improve moisturisation and to reduce roughness. Outstanding reduction of oily hair roots with a prolonged effect. Activity Clinical efficacy was measured on both skin and hair roots. Biological targets: Sterol biosynthesis


“Vaccinate” your skin against UV
The « vaccine-like » active ingredient to trigger skin’s own defenses against UV irradiations. Activity Biological targets: Unfolded Protein Response: Bip/Grp78, Nrf2, DNA dimers Applications Anti-ageing products, night creams, day lotion, pre-sun products, eye contour, lip contour, hand lotion


DHA for a natural self-tan
Pure Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) powder obtained by fermentation using renewable resources. self-tanning self-tanner DHA dihydroxyacetone Ecocert Activity- Coloration of the upper skin layers without sun exposure, through a harmless reaction- Natural and water-resistant tan- Fast and long lasting

Vegetan® FL

DHA for a natural self-tan
Highly pure liquid Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) obtained by fermentation using renewable resources. self-tan tan sun natural product soliance Activity- Natural and quick coloration similar to powder DHA- Easy to formulate in aqueous or in cold phase- No pre-mix necessary- Natural and water-resistant tan-

Vegetan® FL Creation

Odour control DHA solution
One of the main reasons that puts people off using self-tanners is the smell associated with the tanning process. Indeed, the Maillard reaction producing the browning effect, generates molecules with an unpleasant odour. Activity Vegetan FL Creation preserves the coloration efficacy of DHA while

Vegetan® Gold

The first oil compatible DHA
An exclusive technology entraps DHA in a microemulsion and enables to obtain Vegetan® Gold, a "ready to use in oil" DHA. Activity- Coloration of the upper skin layers without sun exposure, through a harmless reaction- Natural and water-resistant tan- Fast and long lasting coloring-

Vegetan® Life

UV-free hydra-tan
An optimised combination of two active molecules with very similar structures: ▶ Glycerone (dihydroxyacetone or DHA): the cosmetic UV-free self tanning reference ▶ Glycerin: a highly efficient humectant, providing the skin with an amazing self-tanning and moisturising combination. Activity

Vegetan® Premium Plus

Smart self-tanner
Synergistic combination of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and allomelanin-like polymer. self-tanning self-tanner DHA anti-oxidant Activity- New generation of self-tanner with optimised performances- Provides a more natural, deeper summer tan and outperforms the combination DHA Erythrulose (in vivo test)-


Vetiver inspired skin youth booster
Vetivyne™ is a precious extract carefully selected from exhausted roots of vetiver, one of the most precious and emblematic fine fragrance plant. This exclusive, sustainable and patent-pending ingredient combines cosmetic effects (unique anti-ageing properties through holistic skin lipids