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One step ahead in visual effects

This technology is based on a high-definition manufacturing process creating amazing 3D shapes. Four existing standards are available: Unihearts: red & pink hearts, Unistars: gold stars, Uniflowers: lila flowers and Unibutterflies: bronze butterflies.


These tiny shapes magically disappear as you rub them in: delivered dry, they have the amazing properties to soften in the formula making them more malleable and ready to disintegrate when pressure is applied.


- Body care: shower gels, refreshing body gels, liquid soaps, hand sanitisers, bronzing creams;
- Face care: cleansers, creams, lotions;
- Hair care: shampoos, hair styling gels;
- Intimate care: personal lubricants, massage gels;
- Oral care (depending on pigments): toothpastes, tooth gels, mouthwashes.

Origin Visual
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Halal certified


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