Turning coffee grounds into premium skincare products

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  • A powerful creative partnership
  • Sustainable skincare with remarkable benefits
  • Towards a better future
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Introducing Koffee’Up, a luxurious new active coffee oil produced using advanced upcycling techniques.

Dubbed ‘the new argan oil’ by the beauty industry, this revolutionary product has been scientifically proven to bring consumers numerous facial skincare benefits, from hydration to anti-ageing.

A powerful creative partnership

Koffee’Up™ is the result of a partnership between Givaudan Active Beauty and Kaffe Bueno, a Danish biotech start-up. The two companies joined forces after Kaffe Bueno won the 2019 edition of MassChallenge Switzerland, which was co-founded by Givaudan and which helps promising young businesses to grow. Developed using both companies’ innovative capabilities, Koffee’Up™ is our first product collaboration to stem from MassChallenge.

Sustainable skincare with remarkable benefits
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Sustainable skincare with remarkable benefits

Like argan oil, Koffee’Up™ is a natural product that nourishes and protects skin. It can be used to create a wide variety of effective and eco-conscious beauty products, from night and day creams, to eye creams, – helping to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable, natural skincare solutions.

Seeing ‘waste’ in a new light

Kaffe Bueno specialised in upcycling used spent coffee grounds, or coffee waste, from hotels, office and cafés into active and functional ingredients for cosmetics, food, beverages and more.

Globally, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, producing a vast amount of coffee waste that currently often ends up in landfill. The yearly impact of this waste decomposing is equivalent to the emissions from 9 million cars. But coffee grounds actually contain many health-enhancing compounds, which Kaffe Bueno is able to preserve and re-use through a state-of-the-art upcycling process.¹

Kaffe Bueno’s mission reflects Givaudan’s strong focus on sustainability and company purpose, which revolves around respect for nature and helping people to lead happier, healthier lives.

Upcycling coffee beans

Upcycling, or transforming leftover materials into new products, is a key element of our approach and a vital tool in the sustainable evolution of the cosmetics industry. It also enables us to minimise waste and enrich our portfolio with eco-friendly products.

“The high quality, traceable and upcycled ingredients used in Koffee’Up™ showcase a prosperous new avenue for using sustainable coffee in the world of beauty. This is a big achievement and opportunity, and we’re looking forward to presenting this innovative beauty elixir to customers.”

Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty

¹  source www.kaffebueno.com/about-us
Towards a better future
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Towards a better future

Koffee’Up follows the launch of Vetivyne™ , a fully natural and sustainable cosmetic active ingredient that is crafted from upcycled vetiver roots.

Our sustainable innovations enable our customers to create products that are not only great for skin, but good for the environment too.