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Spherulite™ HA Ultimate

Microencapsulated HMW HA lip volumiser

Givaudan Product

The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite™ HA Ultimate is able to deliver high molecular weight (HMW) hyaluronic acid (HA) to deeper skin layers thanks to vectorization technology. Dedicated to lip care, it demonstrates significant instant and long-lasting plumping benefits. Additionally, the new formulation of Spherulite™ HA Ultimate is highly sustainable as it contains upcycled natural vitamin E and no preservatives.


  • Delivers HMW HA to deeper skin layers,
  • Demonstrates significant instant and long-lasting plumping benefits,
  • Penetrates in the stratum corneum and the epidermis up to 50 µm,
  • Improves in plumping effect up to 12.4% after 30 minutes and 21.4% at D28 (clinical test).


Lip serums or balms, well-ageing products to plump wrinkles, treatments for facial rejuvenation,nasolabial anti-wrinkles products, anti-crow’s feet products, skincare for mature skin


Vegan suitable
ISO 16128 100% Natural Origin Content

Associated claims

Lip plumping, Anti-wrinkles, skin lifting, well-ageing