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The best natural alternative to retinoids

Givaudan Product

Siliphos® is the best natural alternative to retinoids. Suitable to delicate skin, this active ingredient is extracted by green fractionation from milk thistle fruits and powered by Phytosome® technology. Siliphos® outperforms the plant-based retinol alternative bakuchiol while offering benefits that challenge retinoid efficacy by reducing wrinkles without side effects. 


  • Increases collagen production,
  • Ameliorates the skin collagen structure, 
  • Significantly reduces crow feet and forehead wrinkles,
  • Decreases the thickness of global facial wrinkles,
  • Reduces the wrinkles circumference,
  • Acts on delicate skin without side effects.


Suitable for well ageing, global anti ageing products, full facial care, day creams, eye contour products.

Green fractionation

100% natural origin content
Vegan suitable
Halal certified
[ID] Pack certified

Associated claims

Natural alternative to retinoid, anti-ageing, well-ageing, reduction of wrinkles, collagen promotion, firming, skin smoothing, increasing endogenous HA, suitable for delicate skins and day applications.