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Anti-stress ageing peptide

Givaudan Product

Rubixyl® counteracts the effects of intrinsic (chronological stress ageing) and extrinsic ageing (stress linked to cigarette smoke), by targeting a new category of skin receptor: the Delta Opioid Receptors.


  • Improves skin smoothness,
  • Refills deep wrinkles in 2 months,
  • Normalises key proteins for skin differentiation.

Biological targets
Involucrin, Corneodesmosin, Calmodulin like 5, Occludin, Keratin 10, Acyl-coA synthetase, Sulfotransferase 2B


Eye contour, eye gel, under eye serum, products for the treatment of expression lines, anti-ageing products for the reduction of deep wrinkles, face care products for mature skins


Halal certified

Associated claims

Anti-stress/skin defence, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles/reducing fine lines, regenerating/repairing/revitalising