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PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+]

Redefining gold standard for hydration

Givaudan Product

PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+] is a new cationic hyaluronic acid crafted by white biotech. This unique cosmetic active outperforms standard HA hydration benefits by at least a factor of 2, bringing never-before-seen moisturising efficacy to bot rinse-off and leave-on applications.  


  • Provides instant skin hydration in just one application, both in rinse-off and leave-on applications,
  • Brings long-term skin hydration with prolonged use,
  • Reinforces skin barrier function by increasing lipid and protein production,
  • Maintains hydration benefits for up to 4 days.


Hydrating cleansing lotion, moisturising body cream, shower gel & cream, masks

White biotechnology

Vegan suitable

Associated claims

New HA generation, Flash moisturising/hydrating, improved skin adhesion, skin barrier reinforcement