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The scalp dry flakes eraser and self-confidence enhancer 

Givaudan Product

Patchoul’Up™ is a 100% upcycled active ingredient able to rebalance sebum production, eliminate dry flakes and normalise the scalp microbiome for overall well-being. Sourced responsibly in Indonesia, Patchoul’Up™ is crafted through green fractionation from distilled patchouli leaves after their use as a raw material in fragrance creation.


  • Rebalances the sebum production,
  • Normalises scalp microbiome, 
  • Tackles dry flakes, 
  • Reduces itching intensity and frequency,
  • Hydrates and soothes the scalp, 
  • Brings well-being and comfort to users. 


Rinse-off products shampoos, conditioners, leave-on products lotions and masks.

Green fractionation

ISO 16128 100% Natural Origin Content
Ecocert COSMOS approved
Kosher approved
Halal suitable
Vegan suitable

Associated claims

Flaking, scaling and itching control, sebum production balance, dry scalp hydration, itching frequency and intensity reduction, soothing, comfort and well-being.