The active for glow and good mood

Givaudan Product

Neuroglow™, by boosting melanin and wellbeing molecules like beta-endorphin, vitamin D and oxytocin, mimics all the good properties from the sun (Tran et al, 2008;  Fell et al, 2014; Nguyen, 2018). Neuroglow™ is the ideal active ingredient to provide a quick and efficient solution to give the skin a healthy glow, while uplifting mood and positive emotions.


  • Prepares the skin for a healthy sun exposure
  • Boosts the production of protective melanin, protanning
  • Boosts wellbeing and energy
  • Prevents sun-driven inflammation damage and promotes DNA protection


Body care, facial care, sun care (sun prep., after sun, in combination with SPF), products targeting wellbeing, mimicking all the benefits of the sun.

Green fractionation

Vegan suitable
Halal suitable
[ID] Pack

ISO 16128

Ecocert/Cosmos approved

Associated claims

Healthy skin tanning stimulation, skin tone and colour booster, skin protection, ageing prevention, sun benefits mimicking, tanning enabler and accelerator under day light, skin preparation to sun exposure, pigmentation enhancer, skin tone darkener, melanin booster, skin health booster, winter blue sadness reverser due to lack to sunlight exposure, wellbeing enhancer.