[N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01

The Natural Antioxydant Solution

Givaudan Product

[N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01 offers antioxidant benefits superior to BHT and BHA and some natural solutions while protecting botanical oils and stabilising colours.


  • Outperforms synthetics antioxidants in all categories,
  • 2.3 times more efficient than BHT,
  • 3.3 times more efficient than BHA,
  • Protect an oil-soluble colouring agent in MCT more than 2 times better than BHT,
  • Protect water-soluble colouring agents in emulsion more than 2 times better than BHT.


Bulk oils, massage oils, sun care oils, all types of emulsions, balms, ointments, lipsticks make-up and lip care products

Green fractionation

ISO 16128 > 100%
Vegan suitable
Kosher approved
Halal suitable

Associated claims

Antioxidant, protection of botanical oils from rancidity, extension of shelf-life of sensitive oils, prevents the oxidation of emulsions, preserves organoleptic properties (colour, odour) of cosmetic products, protects water soluble and oil soluble substances from light and temperature degradation