Marine neuro-soother

Givaudan Product

Some studies have recently shown that reduction of pain sensation enables to extend lifetime. Givaudan marine biotechnology experts have extracted the essence of the red microalgae Rhodosorus marinus to offer you Mariliance™, a powerful neuro-soothing active.


  • Decreases the production of inflammation and neuro-inflammation mediators TRPV 1, NGF and IL-1,
  • Slows down the expression of pain receptors at the surface of skin neurons,
  • Reduces significantly skin sensitivity within 14 days and up to 89% in 28 days (clinical test).


Neuro-cosmetic creams, soothing product, day care, night care

Marine/Blue biotechnology

INCI China IECIC by equivalence
Cosmos approved

Associated claims

Calming/soothing, anti-pollution, anti-stress/skin defence, neurocosmetic