K-phyto™ [PP] GHK

Phyto-boosted peptide for oily skin

Givaudan Product

K-phyto™ [PP] GHK is an innovative molecule that combines the best of the botanicals and peptides worlds to act on sebum production’s mechanisms. Thanks to the phytopeptide technology (combining a peptide with a natural phytochemical molecule), it offers a full set of actions, starting with preserved antioxidant and anti-ageing activities compared to the initial molecules (caffeic acid and matrikine GHK).


  • Reduces the facial sebum production in just 2 weeks, 
  • Demonstrates an antioxidant and anti-ageing activities.


Facial toner, oily skin serum, skincare for acne-prone skins, facial essence, blemish-less lotion, mattifying serum

Green biotechnology

Associated claims

Sebum production inhibition, anti-oily skin, antioxidant, procollagen booster