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Zero-G facial lifting & reshaping

Givaudan Product

Gravityl™ is a 100% natural ingredient with a powerful lifting benefit and proven efficacy on face contour. Crafted by Marine Biotechnology from a red macro alga, this new active ingredient is the ideal ally to fight visible signs of ageing by reducing skin sagging and double-chin volume.


  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity,
  • Boosts collagen production, 
  • Reduces skin sagging,
  • Reinforce facial skin structure,
  • Reduces significantly double-chin volume.


Suitable for well ageing, global anti ageing products, facial contour reshaper, jawline corrector.


Marine/Blue biotechnology

100% natural origin content
Vegan suitable
Halal certified
Ecocert COSMOS

Associated claims

Facial contour improvement, skin sagging reduction, extracellular
matrix protection, skin firmness improvement, skin biomechanical
properties enhancement, collagen booster, dermis scaffold
reorganisation, skin lifting, skin tonicity improvement, double chin
reduction, facial oval correction, jawline redefinition.