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Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection

Clay-vectorised HA for skin perfectness

Givaudan Product

Cristalhyal e-Perfection is a sustainable and patented vectorised complex of bentonite clay and high molecular weight (HMW) hyaluronic acid (HA). Crafted by white biotechnology and powered by a modification of the electrostatic charges at HA molecule’s surface, the triple-action ingredient accesses the skin’s deep layers via electrical attraction to provide well-ageing benefits, long-lasting hydration and mattifying effects.


  • Reduces fine lines
  • Mattifies and detoxifies the skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Provides long-lasting 24h+ moisturising effect
  • Brings instant & long-term benefits
  • Improves sensoriality in formulas


Anti-ageing serum, flash anti-ageing cream, fine lines reducing essence, skin rejuvenating mist, well-ageing lotion, mattifying toner, anti-shine skincare, oily skin serum

White biotechnology

ISO 16128 100% Natural Origin Content
Halal suitable
Vegan suitable

Associated claims

Well-ageing, skin texture enhancer, hydration, detoxification