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Apricot oil

The upcycled oil from apricot kernel

Givaudan Product

For a complexion as smooth as the velvety apricot, we bring you an age-old beauty secret from the Himalayas: Apricot oil. Extracted from the kernels formerly discarded during fruit preserving and directly sourced from Moroccan farmers, our Apricot oil hydrates and soothes the face and body, repairs lips. 


  • Hydrates and smoothes the skin,
  • Acts as antioxydant and anti-ageing agent,
  • Repairs lips and hair. 


Face care, lip care, hair care, anti-ageing products, massage oil for baby

Green fractionation


Associated claims

Active oil, Moisturising & hydrating, Repairing, Anti-ageing, Natural, Upcycled