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Creating the tastes of tomorrow

“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” said Peter Drucker, world renowned business strategist. He may well have been speaking of the shifting patterns in taste and flavour preferences. Givaudan’s FlavourVision® is a future-focused programme that connects global markets with consumers, helping our customers to stay ahead of the game, transforming trends into flavours.


Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of FlavourVision®, Givaudan has launched an entirely revamped version of the programme that is truly industry leading. FlavourVision® 2018 reveals seven key consumer trends ranging from Crafted Identities to Risk Aware and Human Connection. These trends are brought to life with over 250 market examples including a fresh take on how health, identity, and enjoyment are translated into eating and drinking experiences.


The future is a difficult thing to predict, and the pace of change and diversity of consumer desire are forever gaining momentum. But when the food and beverages industry asks Givaudan: “What are the next winning flavours that my customers will want in the future?” we’re able to draw on FlavourVision® to deliver future focused and actionable innovation concepts, tailored to brand needs and backed by our technical expertise.