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Functional healthy beverages are one of today’s biggest trends. Givaudan offers extended capabilities, including wellness, taste and natural colours, to help you meet consumer needs. Let’s take healthy, clean-label beverages to the next level!



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Listen to our “Wellness in a bottle” podcast series

Listen to our series of podcasts to learn all about our solutions for immunity, hydration, relaxation, taste freshness, sugar-reduction and natural colours in beverage applications.

Episode 01

Immunity for beverages: the power of botanicals

Speaker: Romain Thévenot

This episode of our “Wellness in a bottle” podcast series focuses on the importance of immunity. We explain how to meet consumers’ expectations for natural immunity solutions with botanical ingredients.




Episode 02

Hydration is the new refreshment

Speaker: Sri Nagarajan

On this episode of our "Wellness in a bottle" podcast series, Givaudan's expert, Sri Nagarajan, explains how the beverage industry is opening up to the concept of hydration. Listen and learn all about the upcoming trends.


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