Our company-wide eco-efficiency and safety targets were formally set out for the first time in our 2010 Sustainability Report. Against a 2009 baseline our aim is to achieve the following reductions by 2020:

  • 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of production
  • 20% reduction in energy consumption per tonne of production
  • 15% reduction in the amount of incinerated and landfilled waste generated per tonne of production
  • 15% reduction in the amount of municipal and ground water used per tonne of production
  • Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate of below 0.1 per 200,000 hours worked, calculated according to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration definition

In addition to these operational targets, we have identified priority sustainability topics for the mid-term, against which we have set specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) where possible so we can clearly demonstrate our progress.

Our progress against all our targets and commitments is clearly set out in our 2013 Sustainability Report along with commentary on what this means for our business.







Communicate with all suppliers about procurement requirements relating to social responsibility Arrow Communicate with all suppliers about procurement requirements relating to social responsibility


Conduct audits with 200 of our top 400 suppliers by 2015, 200 of our top 400 suppliers to have joined the Sedex programme by 2015 Arrow 100 suppliers have been audited, and 248 suppliers now on Sedex


Identify and develop additional sustainable sourcing initiatives Arrow Farming partnership with GaiaOne and Kebun Rimau SDN BHD to develop sustainable patchouli plantation in Malaysia


Develop third-party certification projects for raw materials Arrow Continued support to a cooperative of three villages and a local distiller in Haiti to grow and distil vetiver certified ESR


Build 14 schools in Madagascar by 2014 Arrow 12 schools built in Madagascar since our programme began


Other key achievements Arrow
  • Evolution of partnership with AIM-PROGRESS from member in 2012 to workstream leader in 2013 to Leadership Team Member as of January 2014
  • Continued to source certified sustainable Palm (Kernel) Oil and derivatives
  • Creation of a dedicated Origination team






Conduct ‘Zero is possible’ behavioural safety programme Arrow SafeStart, part of ‘Zero is possible’ programme rolled out to two additional sites, 37 sites now trained


100% sites with Green Teams Arrow Further embedded and supported Green Teams


Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate below 0.1 by 2020 Arrow Our LTI rate reduced by 57% against our 2009 baseline


Increase the representation of females in our senior leadership positions Arrow The current percentage of female employees in Givaudan's senior leadership positions has increased to 17.9% in 2013, an improvement on last year’s performance


Build partnerships with non-profit organisations and work on charitable themes: Blindness, Family Nutrition and Supporting Local Communities Arrow Continued support for charitable commitments


Innovation and Development




Fragrance Division compliance with European REACH registration requirements, as they become applicable, in 2010, 2013 and 2018 Arrow Fragrance Division fully compliant with REACH and successfully completed required registrations


Flavour’s Health and Wellness programme incremental sales target of CHF 100 million; incremental growth from 2009 to 2013 Arrow Surpassed our target to beat our forecast of CHF 100 million of incremental sales growth for health and wellness products


Other key achievements Arrow KeratinoSens Assay (an in-vitro method of testing for skin sensitisation) working towards becoming an industry standard as part of the ITS (Integrated Testing Strategy)


Operations - against 2009 baseline




Energy consumption: 20% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020 Arrow 13.4% reduction in energy consumption


Water use: 15% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020 (for municipal and groundwater) Arrow 6.4% reduction in municipal and groundwater use


Direct and indirect CO2 emissions: 25% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020 (indirect relates to purchased energy and not energy used by others i.e. our raw materials suppliers) Arrow 19.9% reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions


Total weight of incinerated and
land-filled waste by type and disposal: 15% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020
Arrow Our total weight of incinerated and land-filled waste decreased by 14.4%


Customers and markets




Establish joint initiatives to further progress towards Givaudan sustainability targets and those of our partners Arrow
  • Leading supplier capability building workstream at AIM-PROGRESS and received the invitation to become Leadership Team member as of 2014
  • Partnership with Diptyque on sustainable ylang ylang
  • Partnership with AkzoNobel on sodium reduction solution


Other key achievements Arrow
  • All Givaudan sites maintained Sedex questionnaires and nine SMETA audits have been conducted
  • Continued sponsorship of the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Eco Beauty Award in the USA and UK to inspire sustainability action in the beauty industry
  • External advocacy efforts, including speaking at British Society of Perfumers
  • Gold Standard achieved for EcoVadis assessment
  • Partnership with NRSC on the development of a supply chain of palm oil sustainable derivatives

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