People and their relationship with scent is at the heart of everything we do at Givaudan.

Like the customers we serve, we are fascinated by the rapid changes in developing markets and their effect upon the use of fragranced products in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

With the foresight that is expected from the industry's leading fragrance supplier, we have been investing in developing markets for some time: our presence in Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Russia is unrivalled.

Our experts are on the ground to listen to what people like and to observe first hand how they use products and how global brands connect with local cultures. We value this direct contact and the ability to bring information about fragrance use worldwide to the fingertips of our perfumers and evaluators, wherever they are based.

Our Miriad® 2.0 consumer understanding tool incorporates all the latest market research information. It supports fragrance creation for all product categories and includes the development, history and visualisation of key markets and products both today and in the past.

It is a portal through which an entire library of product and consumer data is accessible; a window through which a virtual tour of perfumery markets and consumer responses from around the world provide powerful inspiration for Givaudan clients and creative teams.


Developing Countries

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Miriad® 2.0

Miriad® 2.0
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