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Our business

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Serving customers’ and consumers’ growing demand

Mature markets: 55% of annual sales
High growth markets: 45% of sales

We bring the realm of taste and scent to life

Superior customer experience

Sales in high growth markets are driven by the rising consumer demand from an increasing urban middle class. In both high growth and mature markets, increasing demand for health and well-being products, such as lower salt, sugar and fat in food, and anti-ageing effects in cosmetics offer a significant potential for growth. Through targeted investment, we focus our efforts on best serving our customers and maximising our growth opportunities. Givaudan impacts the lives of millions of consumers around the world with the flavour and fragrances we create hand in hand with our customers. We unveil the tastes and scents that suit you best, and that you love most. We bring them to you every day, everywhere and in every way. Working hand in hand with our customers, our tastes and scents inspire the creation of products that delight consumers the world over. Our customers – global, international, regional and local – serve end-consumer markets with fragrances for personal, home and laundry care brands as well as prestige perfumes. Active Beauty offers an extensive portfolio of award-winning active cosmetic ingredients for an expanded range of benefits including anti-ageing, self-tanning and more. In flavours, our customers are in the food and beverage industry and span across key segments including beverages, sweet goods, savoury, snacks and dairy.

Our culture

Inspiring, challenging, with heart and soul

By being inspiring, we foster a positive environment of openness and curiosity, where we shape and share innovative ideas that foster sustainable growth and create memorable flavours and fragrances. By being challenging, we perform with a mindset of best and see challenges as opportunities for a better future. We anticipate what’s next, welcome debate and challenge the way business is done. And by acting with heart and soul, we drive positive change, establish true partnerships, take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility. At Givaudan, everyone impacts the world through their contribution to the creation of inspiring taste  and scent experiences, helping our customers build their brands and delight consumers. Our talented and creative professionals feel passionate and proud of the work they do and are empowered to contribute to a sustainable society.

We are a global company of over 10,000 employees: it is a world of diversity, with people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds, representing around 90 nationalities. All work together with a wide variety of skills to help our customers build their brands, from researchers to perfumers, evaluators and sensory scientists and from flavourists and food technologists to production workers and commercial teams.

Our capabilities

As our customers’ loyal partner, we are committed to their success and translate our knowledge of local preferences into creations that delight consumers around the world. Extensive consumer insights drive our capabilities in creation, innovation and operational excellence.





Consumer understanding Creation Innovation Operational excellence

We travel the minds and lives of consumers around the world to create uniquely relevant and differentiated tastes and scents for our customers’ brands

We are motivated every day to inspire delight and touch consumers’ emotions

Our culture of innovation drives us to enhance our competitive advantage sustainably, create new horizons for our business and offer leading-edge solutions to our customers


Our global operations and rapid speed to market make us a partner of choice, at our customers’ service wherever they may be, whenever they need us

Global team experts in category understanding, cultural insight and sensorial decoding


Insights across countries, lifestages and gender


Agile global consumer testing network

A team of passionate flavourists and perfumers


Close partnership with our customers


Unique product palette and ingredients

Pioneering research and development teams


Focus on the science of taste and smell


Broad product offering for diverse customer portfolio

Global spread of operations, with local presence allowing rapid speed to market


Supply chain excellence, addressing customers’ needs


Sustainable sourcing of raw materials