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Givaudan Story

Let nature colour your imagination with Sense Colour Red

  • All-natural red colours
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  • Making sense of APAC consumers
All-natural red colours
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Our all-natural red colour range is a feast for the senses.

Red is a stimulating colour. It stands out from the crowd and is commonly associated with energy-boosting properties, which are in high demand among consumers in Asia.

For food manufacturers looking to leverage this opportunity in Asia, the key is the use of colour to enhance the multisensory way food is experienced today. Givaudan’s Sense Colour Red offers a wide selection of natural, concentrated red hues for a variety of applications with enhanced stability, allowing a smooth transition from artificial to natural colours. 

Discover a broad and natural colour range tailored to satisfy consumer needs.


Watch the video
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Get a feel of Givaudan’s high-performance Sense Colour Red

Making sense of APAC consumers
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Making sense of APAC consumers: 63% of consumers are interested in food and drinks that promote vitality

Natural red-coloured beverages

Givaudan combines holistic food colouring expertise with deep consumer insights. With the simultaneous rise in demand for energy-boosting products and naturally derived colours, Sense Colour Red is positioned to help you develop visually appealing clean-label food experiences that will drive business growth in the region.


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