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  • The Sweet Life Experience
The Sweet Life Experience
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Welcome to our mini-course ‘The Sweet Life Experience’. Behind every satisfying, sugar-reduced experience lies a world of scientific exploration and innovative craft.

Discover our insights and solutions for creating nutritionally balanced sweet experiences that feel good and do good for consumers across the globe.

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So we crafted our four short lessons to provide maximum insight – but in a bite-sized format. For each expert lesson on sugar reduction you will need about 10-15 minutes:

Lesson 01 : The experience of mindful eating (infographic article)
Lesson 02 : Exploring sweetness through science (webinar)
Lesson 03 : Reducing sugar in delectable beverages (podcast)
Lesson 04 : Formulating sugar-reduced products (webinar)

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Experience the sugar-reduced sweet life

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The experience of mindful eating
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Exploring sweetness through science
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Reducing sugar in delectable beverages
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Formulating sugar-reduced products