The future comes in many flavours

Science fiction has boundless opportunities to create new worlds, free of the restraints of everyday reality. So in enjoying sci-fi films and books we see futuristic utopias, where people live to great ages thanks to the wonders of a fictional science.

In the real world, however, Givaudan is opening up exciting vistas of exploration, bringing new dimensions to healthier offerings in food and beverages in ways that will serve people and the planet in the long-term.

The world’s population is growing and there is increasing pressure on precious resources such as land, water and energy. At the same time there is often great fluctuation in terms of price, quality, quantity and seasonal variation of raw materials leading to instability of ingredient supply for the foods and beverages people love. To help maintain the quality and availability of ingredients needed, we investigate and develop technologies to maintain a balance between growing market demands and what nature can provide.

Collaborating on innovation

Givaudan is innovating with sustainability at the heart of its endeavours. Our ongoing collaboration with an independent, non-profit think-tank has focused on solutions in a world undergoing rapid change. As the world’s biggest flavour and fragrance company we rely on the sustainability of natural speciality ingredients, and many of these are grown in developing countries, which might be politically unstable, or experience the drastic effects of climate change. The broad vision created through the think-tank’s studies and analysis help to inform technological directions that will deliver sustainable benefits for the long haul.

Compensating for scarce citrus

A perfect example is citrus, one of the best-loved flavour families right around the world. Citrus raw materials are vulnerable to the effects of natural events such as storms or drought, leading to volatile market conditions. Our SUNthesis® citrus ingredients collection, part of Givaudan’s TasteEssentials® programme, offers a range of natural oil replacers that helps manage this volatility through one-to-one replacement. These replacers are a concentration of natural flavour components that characterise the fruit and additional components from other citrus types. We continually add to our SUNthesis® collection, enabling customers to mitigate the scarcity of citrus resources caused by natural events, receiving a sustainable supply of flavours, while avoiding significant cost fluctuations.

Healthy and indulgent

Health and well-being is a pillar of growth for Givaudan, and we continue to make great strides in this area. Patented ingredients in our health and well-being offer are inspired by our TasteTrek® programme and captured in our TasteSolutions® portfolio, which defines richness and authenticity from a culinary perspective and recreates food profiles low in salt, fat and sugar, This helps our customers to achieve the previously unattainable objective of developing healthy, yet deliciously indulgent products.

In seeking sugarless sweet solutions, we continue to invest in capabilities that ensure the quality of sugar-like sensorial profile of stevia-based products. Through innovative approaches, we are adding new technologies to our portfolio to address the challenges of low- and no-sugar products that contain either artificial high intensity sweeteners or natural low calorie sweeteners. Our customers’ response is now moving into the mainstream, with some of the world’s most celebrated soft drink brands turning to stevia for sweet success.

Givaudan’s future is about being local, but with a keen eye on global realities, where the health of people and the planet are paramount for the success of our business. To this end, we innovate holistically, in an approach that delivers flavours responsibly, impacting your world, today and in decades to come.