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The protein revolution

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Identifying and commercialising plant protein as a major source of future foods will impact people in both mature and emerging markets. When we think of protein today, it is most likely related to animal products, but experts predict that by 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.6 billion, and that plant proteins will replace three-quarters of animal products consumed today.     

Trends and opportunities

As a sustainable approach to helping alleviate food resources now and in the future, Givaudan has been developing a strategy around protein. Givaudan is building on the trends and opportunities that have shaped a strategic approach in this field, capturing converging elements that make protein-based product development an exciting area of discovery for the Company.

For example, from 2009 to 2013, the number of products with high protein claims launched globally increased from 16% to 27%, driven by snacks, dairy and beverages. This number is increasing as people look to protein meals and snacks to manage hunger and provide energy for the day. Increasingly, customised protein products for different health needs are emerging, aimed at different age groups such as children and the elderly. New food and beverage categories are continuously opening up around plant protein.

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Partnering with experts

Our approach is based on bringing holistic knowledge and design capabilities into play and working with expert partners, enabling us to develop stand-alone components through to finished products. Givaudan is now creating partnerships that allow it to quickly acquire knowledge, understanding and expertise in the areas of the sensory nature of proteins, how they interact and impact on flavours, and translate into physical and chemical properties and behaviours. Right across the business, Givaudan is building value creation from the inside out, enhancing current capabilities and adding new expertise while collaborating with external parties to expand solutions.    

Health and well-being

The protein revolution, and Givaudan’s efforts in helping customers to bring this to the fore, sits well in our ambition to focus on health and well-being. One of our lead platforms is TasteSolutions®. Continued investment in the programme will help to drive the sustainable development of protein-based ingredients and products, meeting customer and consumer needs in this area.
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The world faces sustainability challenges on many levels. Food scarcity due to a burgeoning population growth is an acute issue, while the drive towards healthier societies in mature markets is now unstoppable. Givaudan’s protein strategy will help to address both of these vast scenarios, opening up new vistas of opportunities for our customers and the world at large.