The value of a virtuous circle

Innovation grows best in environments that are nurtured and developed. The allure of the essential oil ylang ylang inspired Diptyque to create a new scent: a great example of the ‘virtuous circle’ of responsible practices.

Ylang ylang

On the island of Mohéli in the Comoros archipelago, Givaudan has worked with a local producer with many generations experience, producing and exporting aromatic plants from the Comoros to improve the quality of the prized ylang ylang essential oil. The harvest of these fragile blooms is closely overseen. By implementing best practices and offering technical support to local growers, the resulting quality is impressive.

Diptyque was inspired by these beautiful-quality blossoms to create a new fragrance. Eau Mohéli was launched in 2013 and contains generous quantities of pure ylang ylang essential oil. Developed by Olivier Pescheux, Givaudan Senior Perfumer, this is the first time that the floral has been showcased in this way by Givaudan.

Hervé, Speciality Ingredients, explains: “More and more customers are falling in love with our ylang ylang sustainability story, from fine fragrance houses to candle makers. With the guarantee of quality and a reliable supply, customers’ creative opportunities are flourishing. The ylang ylang initiative illustrates Givaudan’s ‘virtuous circle’ approach to ethical sourcing: we address an endangered supply chain and apply responsible practices. We then share this knowledge with perfumers and customers. They can share the success of our programmes and the resultant quality to achieve brand differentiation and bring exciting new fragrances to market.”