Working on the ground
to harvest unique opportunities

Producing a unique and traceable quality of patchouli oil requires the development of good relationships out in the field. This is perfectly illustrated in the creation of a farming partnership in Borneo.


On the island of Borneo, the largest island in Asia, lies a sustainable patchouli plantation. Thanks to a newly installed processing unit, local plantation owners, supported by Givaudan Origination teams, are cultivating a patchouli crop of a very unique quality.

This is our new farming partnership, a long-term agreement signed with GaiaOne and Kebun Rimau SDN BHD. The family-run plantation has committed to partnering exclusively with Givaudan to develop sustainable, ecological plantations. They also distil patchouli, an iconic natural raw material used in fine fragrance and functional perfumery.

Commenting on the very special nature of this plantation, Laetitia, Origination Business Partner, stated: “The Kebun Rimau team reflects Givaudan’s own aspirations for the future of the fragrance industry. The plantation is a wonderful example of the difference that vision can make to a business.”

Hervé, Speciality Ingredients, explains some of the benefits that Givaudan and customers can expect from this patchouli: “Here, Givaudan enjoys exclusivity over the supply and sourcing of this raw material, prized for its aroma and its substantivity. An advantage of the farming partnership is that Givaudan is assured of exclusive quality. In collaboration with perfumers, the team at source is developing tailor-made production of this essential oil to maximise creative fragrance opportunities.”

Our activity in Borneo shows that purchasing natural ingredients from remote communities and fragile eco-systems can be done in a mutually beneficial and environmentally sensitive way.