Sustainability? Renewable? Biodegradable?
Answering customer concerns

Consumers want to know the provenance of their products and our customers want to identify the environmental and social impacts of the products we supply.

Trust and transparency

Givaudan is currently assessing ingredients in our fragrance palette to ascertain and improve the sustainability of our offering. This means studying the extent to which our ingredients have an impact on resources, the environment and mankind, considering complex, interrelated concerns such as ethical supply, pollution and biodiversity. We endeavour to identify criteria that are relevant for both natural and synthetic materials, and where meaningful data can be obtained for both own-manufactured ingredients as well as purchased materials.

Juliet, Sustainability Manager Fragrances, speaks of the challenges in assessing such a broad range of criteria: “This internal initiative seeks to identify the most relevant criteria for assessing our materials so we can benchmark and improve their sustainability. By listening to customers and other stakeholders, in addition to assessing our business priorities, we are building a broader understanding of how best to measure the impact of our products. That’s why it’s important to adopt a holistic approach and not simply focus on a single criterion. This work has been on-going for several years and will continue into the future.”

Juliet adds that this activity cannot be carried out in isolation: “Finding meaningful ways to determine the sustainability attributes of a product is challenging. From where, and how, we source our raw materials; how our ingredients are isolated or manufactured; their contribution to Givaudan’s and our customers’ products; and their potential impacts now and in the future. We expect in the near term to see cross-industry collaboration to help advance this process for everyone.”