With Sedex, an audit for one
is an audit for all

Givaudan encourages selected suppliers to register as members of Sedex and to sign-up to its auditing platform, the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which is recognised across industries.

Exceeding Sedex numbers

Selected suppliers are requested to register with Sedex, a data-sharing platform. They can go on to complete the SMETA. By adhering to Sedex, suppliers sign up to four key responsible sourcing pillars of labour standards, business integrity, environment and health and safety. Non-compliance with these standards is not an option for Givaudan. One of the benefits of SMETA is that ‘an audit for one is an audit for all’. Across the industry, this process, known as Mutual Recognition (MR), helps reduce supplier ‘audit fatigue’.

Since 2013 Givaudan has exceeded its goals
 for supplier registrations set for 2015, as Aisha, Procurement Sustainability Manager explains: “Since 2013 we have surpassed our 2015 objective of obtaining 200 priority suppliers register with Sedex. These suppliers were selected using risk criteria and category management feedback. They include strategic providers who potentially pose 
the greatest business risk.”

A sustainable trade audit that has legitimacy across industries makes the process much more efficient for both suppliers and customers.