How sustainable sourcing brings
benefits to brands

Increasingly, consumers want reassurance that the ingredients in the products they delight in are responsibly sourced, with limited impacts to the environment and real benefits to the people that grow them.

Answering customer concerns

We work hard to please people around the world through the flavours and fragrances we create for global and local brands. Yet consumers want more. From the cosmetics in their cabinet to the food on their plate, people are questioning the extent to which their purchases sustain, not drain, world resources. A product no longer ends with a great smell or a good taste – consumers, and our customers, want to know the rest of the story. Responsible sourcing can offer a happy ending.

We help customers maintain consumer trust and uphold the integrity of their brands. Our customers do not have direct access to their entire supply chain, so we must answer questions such as: where do our materials come from? How are they grown? Can we rely on them over the long term? Are we helping or hindering local economies?

Connecting customers to the supply chain

Applying and complying with responsible sourcing principles is no longer seen as a costly burden. Organisations know they need to take responsibility for their actions; ‘opting out’ of ethical is simply not an option. Customers are becoming more aware of the opportunities that lie within sustainability initiatives, and this is where Givaudan plays a key part.

By applying responsible sourcing best practice within our supply chain, we implement processes based on quality, ecology, community and traceability. The land is cared for, the crop is better managed and workers are paid more fairly. In some cases, these high standards bring about superior quality – to the extent that customers are inspired to create a new product or collection that showcases this ingredient. French fine fragrance brand Diptyque did just this. Read about how their perfumers were able to ‘rediscover’ ylang ylang and celebrate this ingredient within a new collection.

Doing what is best for people and the planet also profits our customers, bringing multiple wins across the board.