Engaging across the supply chain

In all walks of life, acting responsibly is much more effective as part of a group with shared objectives, than it is on your own. That’s why Givaudan is a member of AIM-PROGRESS, which focuses on supplier compliance to responsible sourcing principles.

Aiming for progress

AIM-PROGRESS brings together fast moving consumer goods and manufacturing companies who cast aside competition and join forces in the name of responsible sourcing. Givaudan’s position is unique within this forum, as we are the only representative from the flavour and fragrance industry.

Offering valuable resources on how to apply and share responsible sourcing principles, AIM-PROGRESS provides a framework for multinationals to help their suppliers become compliant to key social principles of labour standards, health and safety, environment and business integrity. Suppliers complete an audit in compliance with member-agreed responsible sourcing principles. Having successfully completed one audit, suppliers can approach other customers within the group, under a ‘Mutual Recognition’ programme.

Givaudan has quickly asserted its status within AIM-PROGRESS. During 2013, Givaudan led the supplier capability workstream.

In 2014 we were invited to join the AIM-PROGRESS Leadership Team. Responsibilities include assessing governance structures, tabling key issues, aligning supply chain processes with trade and anti-competitor laws, and recommending strategies. This role pays testament to our involvement thus far and will enable Givaudan to contribute to the long-term outcomes of this influential global body.

Doing business in emerging markets

As Givaudan’s business grows in developing markets such as China and India, responsible sourcing is extending into regions where, in some cases, these practices may be relatively new. AIM-PROGRESS provides a convenient platform to bring these issues to the fore. Pascal, Global Sustainability Manager explains: “We welcome the opportunity to catalyse change in developing regions. We can help our suppliers adhere to our social compliance framework, which goes well beyond national legislation. Supplier capability workshops offer the chance to learn about responsible rourcing practices; 2012 saw the first such conference in Singapore, sponsored by Givaudan. We also sponsored and attended the Miami AIM-PROGRESS meeting held in March 2014.”

By pooling resources and information, we can accelerate shared sustainable sourcing objectives to the benefit of all our stakeholders.