Our approach

We are working in partnership with our local producers and suppliers to transform the way we source. By embedding sustainability into all aspects of our approach we are generating new value to be shared by all. 

Today, when consumers are inspired by a flavour or a fragrance, increasingly they want to know more about how it has been produced and the provenance of the ingredients. To help our customers answer those questions we are pursuing a set of practices that seek to ensure our ingredients are responsibly sourced, that we minimise the impact of their production on the environment and that local producers and their communities truly benefit from supplying our industry.

Our approach also aims to secure our supply of precious natural ingredients and at the same time make sure that we do not contribute to the loss of an important feature of biodiversity. 

This is what we mean at Givaudan by sourcing for shared value. 

By working together, we are transforming our industry and creating new value for our business, which can also be shared among producers, suppliers and customers alike.