Sourcing for Shared Value

Givaudan is committed to ensuring that all of our raw materials are produced in a way that respects both people and the environment.

We work in partnership with local producers and suppliers to transform the way we source and create new value to be shared by all. Our approach is driven by our purpose and its four goal areas, in particular, showing our love for nature in everything we do and ensuring all communities benefit from working with Givaudan.

We pursue a set of practices to ensure our materials are responsibly sourced, to secure a stable supply of our sourced materials and make sure that local producers and their communities truly benefit from working with us. That is why our approach is built around three distinct practices: Responsible Sourcing, Sourcing at Origin and Communities at Source.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Today, we source around 10,000 raw materials from all over the world for the creation of flavours and fragrances. Responsibly managing supply chains at this scale is complex, but we are committed to working with our partners and suppliers for greater transparency and to improve practices in the areas of health and safety, environmental, social and business integrity practices.  

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Sourcing at Origin

Sourcing at origin

We build close relationships and work in partnership with producers around the world to secure our supply of precious natural ingredients. Direct sourcing of key natural ingredients gives us a clear view of different supply chains, and in turn helps us make them more efficient. It also enables us to tell our customers where our ingredients come from and how they have been produced. This enhanced transparency and traceability is a key benefit of our approach to sourcing at origin.  

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Communities at Source

Communities at source

Being close to our local producer communities also helps us better understand their needs and the role we can play in supporting them. Through a variety of projects, we help these communities strengthen their social, environmental and economic fabric.  

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This is what ‘Sourcing for Shared Value’ means to us at Givaudan. 



Sourcing for Shared Value supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable development goals  Zero hunger  Gender equality  Decent work and economic growth  Industry, innovation and infrastructure  Responsible consumption and production  Climate action  Life on land  Partnerships for the goals