A Sense of Tomorrow

Givaudan is dedicated to exploring new frontiers of sensory experience. What could be more natural than working for the broader benefit of people and the planet?

Our sustainability approach covers all aspects of Givaudan’s business, as we partner internally and externally to meet needs today and define what’s next. We’ve come a long way on our journey. But the future still holds many new challenges.

We’re working hard to meet the needs of a growing population, to find innovative solutions to provide a rich variety of flavours and fragrances, to ensure that all of our raw materials are sourced in a way that respects people and the environment while significantly reducing the footprint of the products we manufacture.

That’s why we’ve built our sustainability approach around three focus areas:

‘A Sense of Tomorrow’ stands for our consolidated approach to shaping a sustainable future for flavours and fragrances. It represents our commitment to working with employees, customers, suppliers, producers, local communities, and many other stakeholders all over the world. So no matter what environmental or social challenges arise, we can support and inspire you with the opportunities of tomorrow.

Meeting needs today. Defining what’s next.


Our sustainability approach supports the following Sustainable Development Goals: