ONE onboarding events build Company culture, give new recruits best start

Givaudan’s people pride themselves on a creating a positive environment of openness and curiosity, shaping and sharing innovative ideas that drive sustainable growth and create memorable flavours and fragrances.

ONE onboarding event

We welcome debate and challenge the way business is done while looking to drive positive change and establish true partnerships. We take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility. Our enthusiasm for this approach and our culture is one of the reasons we have introduced the ONE onboarding – or ‘Onboarding New Employees’ – programme.

The dedicated two-day training events aim to give new joiners a sense of our community and culture, ONE Givaudan, by focusing on our DNA and who we are; our business model, and creating opportunities for people to build their networks. We are happy to take this unique opportunity to spread our knowledge and appreciation of the flavour and fragrance industry, our Company and its culture as well as its long, rich heritage.

In 2018, we were able to pass along this knowledge during eight ONE onboarding events across the regions. At each, about 25 new employees from many different functions came together to spend two days at a Givaudan site. They learned about the Flavour and Fragrance Divisions and were invited to get into operations, to see what we do and how we do it. They went into the labs and worked through case studies – how, for instance, do we go about designing a fragrance for a customer? They also got to know each other through both formal and informal sessions, expanding their networks throughout Givaudan. In all, about 218 people profited from these workshops.

“When they walk away from the programme, they know what we do, how we do it and what our history is. They have also been given a chance to make contacts with people throughout the region.”

Jane, Head of Learning and Development

Since our Givaudan Business Solutions (GBS) population is growing and proper onboarding is key to future success, we have performed thirteen ONE events in the GBS hubs. We have also introduced some interactive e-learning modules that complement the events: some 114 people have completed these courses, with more in progress.

“Following the onboarding, I have an increased sense of pride working for the Company. We realise how much of an impact the Company has on consumers each day and it is so exciting to be a part of that. This programme also shows how invested the Company is in their employees which is a really nice feeling as a new member of the team. Thank you for offering such a special event!”

One participant