We’re working to help create products that consumers desire and trust, acting together in the interests of the world and well-being of people.

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Section 1

We’re passionate about creating enjoyable sensory experiences. And we want you to feel good about our products because we believe they make a positive difference – in the ways they are made, and to the people who enjoy them.

This has changed how we source, make and sell our flavours and fragrances. For instance, we’re collaborating with our vendors to ensure they reach best practice in social responsibility standards. We’re reducing water use and energy use at our operations. And our leading scientific research means that customers are benefiting from products that use fewer resources and have lower environmental impacts. All of which is helping us to create more desirable products that consumers can trust.

We’ve come a long way, on our journey. But the future still holds new challenges for us, which we’re keen to address. We’re working hard to meet the needs of a growing population, discover innovative ways to keep providing a rich variety of flavours and fragrances, and significantly reduce the environmental impact of the materials we manufacture.

Complex challenges require holistic thinking. So we’re working with employees, customers, suppliers, local people in the communities in which we are present, and many other stakeholders all over the world, because only together can we make a positive difference.