‘Safety first’ puts customers first

Listening to our stakeholders and identifying their priorities using a materiality matrix has taught us that safety continues to be a concern of paramount importance.

Givaudan established a materiality matrix in 2011. This framework was created from dialogue with our customers and other stakeholders, and identifies the key sustainable themes that concern them. The matrix is annually reviewed, and consistently the issue of most concern relates to product safety and regulatory compliance.

Driving the future of change

In North America, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programme encourages industry to reduce impacts to the environment. By identifying potentially risky materials early in the development process, organisations are able to find safer substitutes and processes before submitting them to the EPA.

Greg, Senior Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety Fragrances, details our involvement with the EPA: “Givaudan constantly seeks raw materials innovation. As such we have to demonstrate the safety of our materials in order to register them for commercial use globally. The EPA manages the chemical control law in the US, and our relationship with them stretches back over 40 years.”

Working with the EPA not only ensures that our impact on the environment is reduced but that the increased safety of our ingredients is assured.