Concentrating innovation on
powder juice drinks

With tomorrow’s resources in mind, Givaudan is investing in the technology of today. We can now produce powder juice drinks with reduced water, energy, packaging and transportation costs.

Drying out powder citrus and other powder juice drink flavours uses water and energy, so by implementing innovations in the production of powder juice drink flavours, Givaudan reduced these.

Clayton, Beverages Marketing Asia, explains how this new technology lessens our environmental impacts: “Driving the demand for powder juice drinks are emerging markets, where economy of scale is all important. This new technology now allows us to use less water and energy to produce the same quantities of powder juice drinks. We’ve also developed double concentration emulsions. This means that we can achieve the same level of flavouring in reduced quantities. Consequently, less packaging and transport energy is required.”

As our powder juice drinks demonstrate, Givaudan can reduce environmental impact at the same time as producing high-quality, profitable solutions for our customers.