Peppered with possibilities

Givaudan’s ability to delight consumers with innovation often applies the principles of Green Chemistry. A good example is our solution to replicate the aroma of the jalapeño and green bell peppers.

Red jalapenos

Givaudan has developed a viable technology that forms the basis of natural savoury ingredients widely used in the food and beverages industries.

This new technology provides aromatic qualities associated with the jalapeño and the green bell pepper. Gary, Senior Research Manager, and Vaughn, Research Scientist, oversaw its development. Created via a fermentation process based on Green Chemistry principles, the technology has enjoyed a successful first year of commercialisation, led by Erik, Product Manager Savoury.

Versatile applications

Guillaume, Benefit Platform Manager Science and Technology, Flavour Division, speaks of its applications: “This unique technology contributes to vegetable flavours, as well as for use in coffee flavouring. So it is very beneficial to the snacks and savoury business, but can also enhance beverage flavours. 2013 has seen the roll-out of this material by our technical community in flavour creation and application, mainly in Europe and North America, where the use of naturals is expected to be the highest.”

Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes at Givaudan, and our technologists find solutions in the most ingenious of ways.