A leading voice in collaborating
on ethical advances

As a member of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA), Givaudan is contributing to and learning from advancements in this area.

The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA)

The EPAA is a voluntary collaboration of entities, which includes the European Commission, trade associations, and companies from seven industry sectors.

Graham is the Head of Global Fragrance Toxicology and EAME Regulatory Affairs for Givaudan. Graham explains how the EPAA operates: “The EPAA acts as a focus for centrally coordinating activities on alternatives to animal testing in Europe. That makes it a natural fit with Givaudan’s commitment in this area. Members share knowledge and resources to quicken the development, validation and acceptance of alternative approaches to animal use in regulatory testing.”

Forming opinion with multiple stakeholders

Graham points to the important fact that EPAA is not just a fragrances’ industry body: “The EPAA is a multi-stakeholder forum. So there are representatives from the EU commission, from NGOs, as well as sectors that include the chemicals, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. Our involvement with the EPAA gives us a strong, credible voice on this issue, which means we can be instrumental to debate and developments in animal testing alternatives.”

Finding better ways to make our ingredients ethical, safe and sustainable is a collaborative journey for Givaudan.